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19 October 2008 @ 09:06 pm
static to the sound of you and i  
These past few months have been so full of new things. As tempted as I was to say crazy, I think the craze has died down a little since the beginning of college - what a relief! It's also a relief to find that I am completely in love with Maine College of Art. I could not have been placed with two better roommates and three other girls across the hall. We have so much fun playing Singstar Karaoke, laughing about the most stupid things, singing like dorks, and sharing our past mistakes and experiences. We've come to a level of the playing field where we kind of understand each other without even needing to say anything. ...And the PEOPLE here...in Portland in general are so HILARIOUS. There's this homeless guy who always wears a red hoodie and limps around. We've come to known that he's been hit by a bus...TWICE.
My drawing skills are improving, which is always nice to have - especially because I'm going to be majoring in graphic design. I'm happy to say that my drawing skills on paper have translated onto the computer. I'm getting good at digitally drawing crap. And no, not the crap that comes out of an ass. I'm really excited too. For Christmas, I'm getting the Bamboo Fun tablet by Wacom which is a flat surface that you hook up to your computer and you can use it with Photoshop (in my case PHOTOSHOP CS3 EXTENDED WOO!) and draw on the tablet -- it translates right into Photoshop!! If no one has seen these - take a look, they're awesome! Bamboo Fun. Also, go check out some Speed Drawings on youtube from Bamboo Fun. Some turn out AMAZING!

Anyways. A few weeks ago I bought both of the Jack's Mannequin CDs...and they're so so so good. I LOVE all of the songs and they just bring back so many good memories of this summer.

But yes, in light of Halloween soon approaching, Jess and I are planning a horror film stills photoshoot. I'm so excited!

OH. and I dyed my hair today!! I LOVE IT!!

Check it out:

Yes yes yes! :) Alright, I'm done for now. Check up later.

Two to one
Static to the sound of you and I
Undone for the last time
And there this was
Hiding at the bottom of your
Swimming pool some September
And don't you think
I wish I could stay
Your lips give you away