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06 July 2008 @ 09:22 pm
beach house!  
Jess was right. I am going to post the list :)

Beach House Quotes & Memories.
1. “Maybe you fear balls in the face, and that’s healthy.” – Josh
2. “You know what? You’re a –.” “-burrrrp-.” – Jess and Matt
3. “The crackers were really good the second time.” – Josh
4. Overwhelming: friction (in bed), big foot (in bed), high school football (in bed) – Apples to Apples game (in bed style)
5. “Guyses.” – AJ
6. Sultry boy scouts – Apples to Apples (in bed style)
7. “No you cannot build a sand castle on my butt.” – Mike
8. “I don’t smell good, but aren’t I pretty?” – Jess
9. “I’m having the worst hot flashes! I bet I’m pregnant.” – Kelsey. “Kelsey. I’m pretty sure you’re not pregnant.” – Jess. “How do you know?” – Kelsey. “I’m pretty sure.” – Jess. “Oh yeah!” – Kelsey.
10. Wipeout.
11. Robin Hood – Men in Tights.
12. The seagull ass-raped the crab.
13. Bigfeet – Nate and Amy.
14. “We have too many lions!” – Josh. “Hire poachers!” – Kelsey.
15. Joshua Marie.
16. “Barack Obama!”
17. Cosmopolitan “The Hot Issue”.
18. “10 Questions to Ask Him.”
19. “Kelsey’s Tea.”
20. Burning the Bacon/Fire Alarm.
21. “Dirka, Dirka, Muhammad Allah!” – Josh.
22. The rainbow.
23. The leprechaun island.
24. “Crunch, crunch.”
25. “Pants made out of chicken.” – Alyssa.
26. “I’m going to stick this to your dick if you keep throwing that at me!” – Jess. “Hey, great, that’d be a nice extension.” – Mike.
27. Ninja boys: ties, silly string, blow darts.
28. Soul Calibur II.
29. Low tide night: fog, singing, getting “lost”.
30. Mike & AJ skinny dipping.
31. Jogging to the wall.
32. Racing the storm.
33. Kelsey’s amazing elbow.
34. Homeless man sleeping on the rocks.
35. Apples to Apples (in bed style).
36. “Thanks for letting me swallow first!” – Kelsey. “That’s what she said.” – Josh.
37. “I don’t know what that was, but I just got it in the face!” – Kelsey. “That’s what she said.” – Mike.
Jessicahirador on July 8th, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
haha! I love this =)