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16 January 2009 @ 09:06 am
more good music!

our lives by the calling
let me go by three doors down
wasting my time and count on me by default
19 October 2008 @ 09:06 pm
These past few months have been so full of new things. As tempted as I was to say crazy, I think the craze has died down a little since the beginning of college - what a relief! It's also a relief to find that I am completely in love with Maine College of Art. I could not have been placed with two better roommates and three other girls across the hall. We have so much fun playing Singstar Karaoke, laughing about the most stupid things, singing like dorks, and sharing our past mistakes and experiences. We've come to a level of the playing field where we kind of understand each other without even needing to say anything. ...And the PEOPLE here...in Portland in general are so HILARIOUS. There's this homeless guy who always wears a red hoodie and limps around. We've come to known that he's been hit by a bus...TWICE.
My drawing skills are improving, which is always nice to have - especially because I'm going to be majoring in graphic design. I'm happy to say that my drawing skills on paper have translated onto the computer. I'm getting good at digitally drawing crap. And no, not the crap that comes out of an ass. I'm really excited too. For Christmas, I'm getting the Bamboo Fun tablet by Wacom which is a flat surface that you hook up to your computer and you can use it with Photoshop (in my case PHOTOSHOP CS3 EXTENDED WOO!) and draw on the tablet -- it translates right into Photoshop!! If no one has seen these - take a look, they're awesome! Bamboo Fun. Also, go check out some Speed Drawings on youtube from Bamboo Fun. Some turn out AMAZING!

Anyways. A few weeks ago I bought both of the Jack's Mannequin CDs...and they're so so so good. I LOVE all of the songs and they just bring back so many good memories of this summer.

But yes, in light of Halloween soon approaching, Jess and I are planning a horror film stills photoshoot. I'm so excited!

OH. and I dyed my hair today!! I LOVE IT!!

Check it out:

Yes yes yes! :) Alright, I'm done for now. Check up later.

Two to one
Static to the sound of you and I
Undone for the last time
And there this was
Hiding at the bottom of your
Swimming pool some September
And don't you think
I wish I could stay
Your lips give you away
22 September 2008 @ 09:27 pm
Okay, so I'm making a CD for my dad for his birthday and it's a mix of all of the songs that I've known him to love over the years and that he doesn't actually own or have on his MP3 player. I'm burning him a CD with them on it. I just need help with the ordering. Any suggestions?

Here's what I have:

"Don't Do Me Like That" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"More Than A Feeling" by Boston
"Dust in the Wind" by Kansas
"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor
"Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
"My Best Friend's Girl" by The Cars
"Who Are You" by The Who
"Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith
"You're My Best Friend" by Queen
"Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buffet
"Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" by Meat Loaf
"That's the Way (I Like It)" by KC and the Sunshine Band
"Renegade" by Styx
"Any Way You Want It" by Journey
"Take it on the Run" by REO Speedwagon

It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
14 September 2008 @ 11:32 pm
Top most hideous words ever.


Top nice sounding words ever.
13 September 2008 @ 09:36 am
05 August 2008 @ 12:48 am
Put this in your profile if you hope:
AJ gets raped in Singapore
06 July 2008 @ 09:22 pm
Jess was right. I am going to post the list :)

Beach House Quotes & Memories.
1. “Maybe you fear balls in the face, and that’s healthy.” – Josh
2. “You know what? You’re a –.” “-burrrrp-.” – Jess and Matt
3. “The crackers were really good the second time.” – Josh
4. Overwhelming: friction (in bed), big foot (in bed), high school football (in bed) – Apples to Apples game (in bed style)
5. “Guyses.” – AJ
6. Sultry boy scouts – Apples to Apples (in bed style)
7. “No you cannot build a sand castle on my butt.” – Mike
8. “I don’t smell good, but aren’t I pretty?” – Jess
9. “I’m having the worst hot flashes! I bet I’m pregnant.” – Kelsey. “Kelsey. I’m pretty sure you’re not pregnant.” – Jess. “How do you know?” – Kelsey. “I’m pretty sure.” – Jess. “Oh yeah!” – Kelsey.
10. Wipeout.
11. Robin Hood – Men in Tights.
12. The seagull ass-raped the crab.
13. Bigfeet – Nate and Amy.
14. “We have too many lions!” – Josh. “Hire poachers!” – Kelsey.
15. Joshua Marie.
16. “Barack Obama!”
17. Cosmopolitan “The Hot Issue”.
18. “10 Questions to Ask Him.”
19. “Kelsey’s Tea.”
20. Burning the Bacon/Fire Alarm.
21. “Dirka, Dirka, Muhammad Allah!” – Josh.
22. The rainbow.
23. The leprechaun island.
24. “Crunch, crunch.”
25. “Pants made out of chicken.” – Alyssa.
26. “I’m going to stick this to your dick if you keep throwing that at me!” – Jess. “Hey, great, that’d be a nice extension.” – Mike.
27. Ninja boys: ties, silly string, blow darts.
28. Soul Calibur II.
29. Low tide night: fog, singing, getting “lost”.
30. Mike & AJ skinny dipping.
31. Jogging to the wall.
32. Racing the storm.
33. Kelsey’s amazing elbow.
34. Homeless man sleeping on the rocks.
35. Apples to Apples (in bed style).
36. “Thanks for letting me swallow first!” – Kelsey. “That’s what she said.” – Josh.
37. “I don’t know what that was, but I just got it in the face!” – Kelsey. “That’s what she said.” – Mike.
22 June 2008 @ 03:52 pm
Please don't drive me home tonight
Cause I don't wanna feel alone
Please don't drive me home tonight
Cause I don't wanna go
Tuesday morning
In the dark
I was finding out
Who you are
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
13 June 2008 @ 12:19 am
I got my roommate assignments today! I'm in Shepley (the apartment style housing) with 3 other girls. There are a few bedrooms with a common room, living room, and kitchen. It'll be so awesome!!!!
08 June 2008 @ 09:43 am
I graduate today. I don't even know if my mind realizes it yet. All I know is that I woke up this morning kind of dreading today. These past few weeks have been so much fun, I don't want graduating to change that...
On to a happier subject, I had my graduation party yesterday! It was actually a lot of fun - exclusively family, which was a good idea so that no one would be left out in terms of friends. My dad made a slide show which I was completely unaware of until yesterday. It was really sweet, and my dad told me that he was glad that no one came downstairs two nights ago when he was finishing it because he was bawling his eyes out. I know, right? My dad...crying? Well, it just goes to show that I'm Daddy's Little Girl. I'm doing my best not to change that. He's my hero, after all.
Rebecca didn't get to come because her mom was really really sick. So that bummed me out.
My dad also made chocolate bar wrappers. They had my picture on it, the college that I'm going to, my awards on the back, as well as the logo for the show "Survivor" which cracked everyone up.
Of course he also did one of his famous lobster bakes, piled up sausage, crabs, clams, lobster, corn, etc onto a huge metal rack and over the fire. Traditional style!
My mom read out loud the Dr. Seuss book "All The Places You Will Go" which was basically about making the right decisions and going far and not taking the wrong roads. She had everyone sign it, too, like a yearbook.
Kim, my aunt, read out loud a radio talk show "episode" that are basically a bunch of tips to the '08 class. The last one, which was really ironic, said: "You know that band you've been endlessly listening to? The Beatles? Yeah. WE discovered them." My mom yelled out: "That's so ironic! HAHAHAHHAA. Kelsey and her friends are forming a band and singing Beatles songs!"
My mom made her famous Bark, bought a cake and cupcakes, and Kim made her famous woopie pies! They're so good, so I put mine in the freezer and ate it cold before bed.
Gift time - I sat at the table, embarrassed because I don't like to be the center of attention and opened all of the gifts. I got a RED SOX BLANKET! (I'm so bringing that to project grad) As well as a red sox hoodie. A total of over $300 from family, a gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond, a huge jar of change from my grandmother, a bad of LEMONHEADS from Ally (haha, she saw me eye-ing those at the store!) A duffel bag that I'm packing my stuff in for camping. And an EASY BUTTON!
My dad came up to me and gave me a wad of papers. Confused, I opened it. It was a receipt for a lap top that he said will be coming Tuesday. It's an AMAZING LAP TOP! I looked at all of the speicifications: 320gig hard drive, midnight blue color, 15.4 inch screen TRUE LIFE SCREEN!, dvd drive & burner, vista, roxio creator 10, adobe photoshop elements 6, adobe premier elements 4, sound blaster, finger print reader, camera software, wireless internet card, bluetooth, datasafe 20gig(?) and a few more pages of stuff I don't really know what it is...
I'm so excited for it! When it comes in the mail, that's when I'll buy Photoshop CS3 extended. I promised Jess the first download!
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Current Music: i want to hold your hand